The Philosophy

Compostable Fabrics + Good Design = Positive Fibers

Who said that natural fibers are not in style clearly never heard about circular fashion. No one ever benefitted from poor design or poor quality materials. Hence, we care deeply about great design made in the cleanest ways possible. Simply by marrying the worlds of Science with the Arts, we are able to design whatever our talented designers create, without doing any unnecessary harm to the Planet or People involved in the process.


Wearable Art

The Philosophy behind our designs.

Image by Praveen Thotagamuwa

Creative Freedom

Designers who dare to create beyond their imagination. A blank canvas and a fiber are all that is given.


Good Design

it's all about love. Good designers are equipped with skills and wild dreams that become tangible in their expressions. The result: Wearable Art appropriate for the virtual world.

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Good Materials

Positive Fibers are the key ingredients. We work with all sorts from optical fibers, to compostable to bio-neutral fibers. The golden rule is they must give more than they take from nature.

Positive Fibers

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