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This is the world's first Digital Fashion Pop-Up Shop, available to bring joy in times of Lockdown. We are at home and we want to post photos but sweatpants don't cut it much longer. A lockdown does not have to mean your sense of style is locked.

NEW ARRIVALS weekly, as long as the Pandemic lasts. (Seriously, we'd rather have a vaccine already).



Helpful Information

How do I wear this look?

Welcome to the Digital Fashion World. Your physical body can wear pyjamas, but your digital self will wear this look pretending like this is exactly what you're wearing. After you have send your mirror selfie to us, we dress you in the look you have purchased with a positive impact. What a win-win!

Can I wear this look somewhere else?

If you are looking to wear this look in different photos, then the only way to do that is by making the purchase again but with a new photo you provide us with. This is a digital dressing service and is not automated.

How do you make these looks?

There is a long version and a short version. The short answer is: with love for great design and clean supply chains.
The longer version is: with hypercraftmanship; a skillset that is carefully nurtured by our 3D designers and artists. Various software programs are used to create the design, create a photo real render, create a product image, create an avatar, create a tailor made fit of the look for you, compositing your tailor made look onto your photo. For more information find us on Instagram or drop us a line in an e-mail. We love sharing knowledge.

How do I select my size?

You don't. Digital fashion fits every body, and that's the beauty of it. Be mindful of whether this look fits your personal aesthetic. We are launching new designs every week as long as the pandemic lasts, so stay tuned to find a look that is more you in case you haven't found it yet here. :-)



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