Dreamy ocean sleeves that fit every Selfie. The dress code is digital and the ocassion is the pandemic (not limited to). Inspired by the vivacious coral reefs we may find in the deep ocean, María created this dramatically beautiful look to bring light in times of darkness. This is a Positive Impact Purchase as €12 is directly donated to SeaTrees in support of their mission to restore biodiversity in our oceans.  Biodiversity is a key ingredient to a circular fashion system and we embrace that with every fiber of our existence.


€ 95,00Price
  • Digital garments fit every body. No need to share your size. Our 3D tailors fit your new look to your picture making it fit like a glove. 

    We do need your photo so we can dress you(rselfie)! 

    When we've received your order we'll send you the instructions for the photo. All you need to wear is your lockdown look and we'll dress it up for you!

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