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DECEMBER 10, 2020

The Pandemic has had a positive impact on the environment but a negative one on society. To bring light in times of darkness, Positive Fibers has launched their first campaign to offer those that are fashion forward and digitally savvy the cleanest way to great design

On her 30th birthday, founder Marije de Roos launches her fashion tech startup Positive Fibers with the mission to celebrate great design made in the cleanest ways possible, starting with a digital dressing experience for Millennials like herself. 

The Future of Fashion is “Phygital”

The future of fashion is a combination of circular (physical) clothing offered through a digital experience. Physical + Digital = Phygital. That is the Positive Fibers’ mantra to provide the cleanest ways to great design. Since its founding in August 2020, the startup has been looking into marrying the worlds of Art, Science, and Technology. In collaboration with emerging digital fashion designer María Ruano and others, the company launches a limited edition of digital clothes available only for the Selfi.

Fun with Fashion during COVID-19

The idea came from her friends complaining about being stuck at home being in their loungewear (read: PJs and sweatpants) all day and missing dressing up and sharing that online. Dressing Yourself feels like a big effort, but Dressing Your-selfie requires nothing more than taking a mirror selfie wearing something comfortable; your current lockdown look. 

Positive Fibers’ mission embraces technology in the design process of artistic expressions by the best designers. Digital fashion design is known to radically reduce the amount of waste created in the traditional process. What’s unique about the approach is that everything is rendered so it looks photo realistic and gives the user an idea of what they would look like in reality. Moreover, in the near future, every digital outfit can be made in reality in the most circular way possible, giving back to nature more than we borrow.

Positive Impact Consumption

Positivity is in the brand’s DNA translated as well into how charities benefit. For every purchase made, $15 is directly donated to the organization SeaTrees by SustainableSurf, who are on a mission to plant 1 million seatrees to sequester CO2 from the atmosphere and eradicate ocean pollution. Positive Fibers’ vision is that fashion consumption is a catalyst for positive impact if the supply chains are bioneutral. This is the beginning of a revolution to put the ECO into Ecommerce. Introducing a new theory called impact consumption, every product comes with a special checkout button to empower customers to purchase with purpose. 

The Digital Pop-Up Shop

Just like a physical pop-up shop, the products are available for a limited time only: as long as the Pandemic lasts. Every week new pieces of wearable art (what the designs are called) are launched in collaboration with emerging 3D fashion designers. The Digital Dressing Experience takes about 2-5 days from the moment a look is purchased to be “composited” onto one’s submitted mirror selfie. As a promotional offer to celebrate the launch and Marije’s birthday all purchases made between December 10th and 17th are at 30% off using the promo code MARIJE30

For any inquiries contact Marije directly on hello@positivefibers.com