Why Positive Fibers is all about this specific movement called impact consumption™

Origin Story

In late 2018, I received a reality check by watching the documentary the True Cost. It hit home how I had been a "fashion culprit" feeding the Fast Fashion monster with all my purchases from these "appearing to be innocent" brands. However, there was never the intention to overshoot planetary boundaries or to shortfall society by harming those who make my clothes. This industry had been brilliantly shoving these realities under the carpet so consumers like me would never be 'bothered' by this. This wake-up call instilled a sense of responsibility in me. I realized that if all my purchases had made a negative impact on both the Planet and People at the cost of Profit, then the same should hold true if consumers' purchases made a positive impact. Thus, the term "impact consumption™" was born. How do we do that?

What's in a label?

Seeing how inhumane the workers' conditions appeared in the documentary True Cost, as well as in many other reportages from inter alia the United Nations, I became highly skeptical of any label I would see from then on. What is a label but a piece of fabric with some words and numbers and a logo on it. What does it really tell us? Not much, is the answer. It turns out that fashion supply chains are extremely complex and involve 100s of steps and people from raw materials to final product. Every product should come with a booklet carrying the facts and the true cost. All these fast fashion brands (not limited to) are withholding tons of valuable information that consumers should have access to given they want to purchase with purpose.

This is where the real challenge lies. Finding these brands is hard if not impossible. The more I learned about the origin of our clothes, and all other products like our food, the less I was interested in buying anything at all. To challenge myself I successfully resisted any textile purchase for a year. I can highly recommend it; it's truly liberating as it's doing the exact opposite of what these fast fashion and fast food companies want you to do. Call me a rebel with a cause, or a "Responsible Fashion Rebel" whilst working on collating reliable resources about a clean fashion system.

Fast forward to today, Positive Fibers is on a mission to disrupt the status quo by building an entirely new but clean ecosystem that serves as a catalyst to get everyone into the circular economy. As consumption is here to stay, online mostly, we are putting the ECO into ecommerce! Put simply, there is no other option if we want to, in the words of idol Dr. Kate Raworth: "meet the needs of all within the means of the planet".

Less Bad ≠ Good

Enough with compromising the planet to benefit profit, and the same goes for the people who make our products from fashion to food. The truth is that, despite today's turmoil caused by anthropocenic-induced climate change, it's absolutely possible to live good lives with beautiful design that gives more than it takes from the environment and society. Scientists, engineers, designers, artists, entrepreneurs, and many other experts have created the solutions already. There is absolutely no need to reinvent the wheel to solve today's trouble (that is a strong euphemism for sure). What is lacking however is a holistic approach for drastic change, because doing 'less bad is not the same as good' to quote the brilliant architect, designer and entrepreneur William McDonough.

Why are we making it happen

We are critical thinkers, action takers, scientists, engineers, designers, and most importantly: optimists. If there would be no hope for the fashion industry, we would not be doing what we are doing today: putting the ECO into ecommerce! We are independent from the traditional fashion industry and have a hyper-focus on the Planet's well-being over People's. We absolutely want humanity to thrive, but this cannot happen if our Planet is in a miserable condition.

Purchase Positive Impact

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