Vision for Fashion as a True Force for Good

Fashion affects our daily lives. Not only is fashion in the clothes we wear, but in basically every product that you see, feel, touch, smell, or hear. The word fashion is actually a verb, derived from the Latin “factio” - a making or doing. The modern dictionary translates the word as

: to give a particular shape or form to; make

: to accommodate; adjust; adapt

In our vision therefore, fashion is a force driving action. What we can control is whether that action leads to a positive or a negative impact. We are Positive Fibers and we make everyday use of fashion as a driver of positive impact. We found out that the only way for fashion to be that catalyst for positive change, the system needs a complete make-over. From the design table to the manufacturer, to the models, to the farmers, to the garment workers, to the end user: every element is due for disruption.

How do we make that a reality? The African proverb "if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together" is vital here. Given the high level of complexity and interconnectedness of various stakeholders, collaboration through a mutual language is key. Today, the world of Science and Design have not been the closest of friends. This is where our opportunity for progress and prosperity lies. All of our products are made in close collaboration with these two worlds in an inclusive manner.

We are currently developing our first product, which will launch in November this year! Our ambition is to offer our customers access to a completely traceable supply chain, from fiber to final good. In our opinion, this is the only way the industry can walk the talk. For updates on this progress, you can sign up for our newsletter. We send updates when we have actual stuff to update you on. You do not need spam, nor do we enjoy creating that. This is positive vibes only (though we may also share the not-so-great-news with you).

Do you agree? What's your next step to make an impact? Let's talk in the comment section.

Sending positive vibes,

The PF Team

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