If We Are What We Eat, We Are What We Wear... Aren't We?

It's well-known that the food we consume affects our bodies both physically and mentally. Food processed in opaque and dirty supply chains, have a negative impact on our health and the environment. Basically every product that has a commercial is dodgy. Organic alternatives are nutritious, benefit our well-being and that of the environment as toxic chemicals are designed out of the supply chain.

What Science tells us

What if the same holds true for the clothes we wear?! The materials that form our second skin form a protective layer, but do they? Only if the materials are good, the clothes are good. From watching the True Cost, I learned that the chemical dyes the garment workers are exposed to, severely affect their physical health causing skin diseases. Yikes. Not only does it affect the physical well-being of these workers, it so does too of the customers. Scientists have found that petroleum-based textiles cause harm to our organs. If you put garbage in, you get garbage out. Let's change that completely, by leaving out the garbage and only use 100% clean materials that do more good than harm to our health.

What Good Materials Look Like

Good materials refer to those ingredients, as we at Positive Fibers like to call them, that come from regenerative sources and are compostable or at least bio-neutral at the end of the product's life cycle. This means that all components that together make your new jacket, coat, shoes, etc. are returning to nature as a food, not as poison. All our products are made with good materials only, or, positive fibers. Our promise is always that everything you find on our platform is 100% positive towards both Planet and People.

Responsibly sourced bamboo. Image credit: Unsplash

Wool from happy sheep. Image credit: Unsplash

Algae. Image credit: Unsplash

Future (=today) Outlook

If our clothes are produced with organic materials only and are compostable at their end of use, we benefit from them as long as we own them and nature gets a treat when we compost them. Remember, Waste equals Food, as preached by William McDonough and Michael Braungart from the Cradle to Cradle Institute.

Here's to good food and great fashion. Bon apetite!

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