Our Purpose

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Positive Fibers

We are on a mission to put the ECO into eCommerce 1 positive product at a time.

Nearly 10% of the annual global carbon budget is consumed by the fashion industry. However, fashion is here to stay. It is the way we express ourselves and how we connect with others. Therefore it's time to rethink the supply chains, starting with the core ingredients: fibers.

At Positive Fibers we believe that fashion can be an effective catalyst for positive change, a global circular economy that meets the needs of the people within the means of the planet. We work towards this with one positive product at a time.


Our Worldview

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We seek to put the ECO into ecommerce one positive product at a time. We are mobilizing everyone who wears clothes to make bio-circular™ fashion the status quo.


What if our clothes were completely compostable at the end of their lifecycle? We believe that the future of fashion is regenerative so nature can take a breather.


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Marije de Roos

Founder & CEO

A Rotterdam-born renegade economist turned founder in order to put her vision for a prosperous fashion system into reality. Marije is a thought leader in the circular and digital fashion space and gives talks at renowned events like PI Apparel as well as guest lectures to business and design schools. She also contributes to publications like The Interline and Fashion United.

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Phnam Bagley

Phnam Bagley


Phnam Bagley is a French design entrepreneur based in San Francisco. She is a co-founder of Nonfiction Design, a space architect, industrial designer, and futurist who turns science-fiction into reality for a better future.

Christina Trampota

Christina Trampota


Christina is an American global leader in product and growth, based in Silicon Valley close to the latest and greatest in the space of fintech, digital marketing and more.

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Our Values

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To help restore nature

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To take care of each other

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To build a thriving ecosystem

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To spread joy