Compostable Designer Fashion is a thing now.

Positive Fibers

Nov 1, 2021

Positive Fibers® has launched the first completely (100%) compostable designer jacket exclusively available on pre-order live now until January 30, 2022.

From Flax to Fashion, this jacket is made from European linen ethically woven in The Netherlands. Whereas other "sustainable fashion" brands fail to offer a holistic solution, Positive Fibers® guarantees that every fiber in this garment can entirely go back to nature as a food, not a poison.

Founder & CEO Marije de Roos has designed the entire supply chain and has worked with emerging design talent Stefka de Ruiter to create a piece of Wearable Art. Our customers should not feel guilty about buying something new if it's produced for them and made to last until composted.

On November 28, an exclusive art exhibition at a renowned gallery in The Netherlands will kick-off. Here, visitors (on appointment only due to COVID restrictions) can come to see The Flaxible™ Jacket in real life as well as discover a presentation of digital fashion that portray the artistic DNA of Positive Fibers®.

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