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Farm to Fashion

farm to fashion
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Flax - Linen

Fabric + thread

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Coconut shell


Both our fabric and sewing thread is made from European linen. Flax is the plant from which linen is made. The fabric is unbleached and undyed, a natural beauty! The fabric is ethically woven in The Netherlands in one of the last mills in the country. Our linen fabric is GOTS certified. Our linen thread is OEKO-TEX® certified.

Our label is made from 100% organic cotton. The cotton crops are organically and ethically cultivated in China. This country has a climate in which the crops thrive. Our labels are GOTS certified. 

Our buttons are made from coconut shells. The coconut trees grow in Europe. After the nutritious insides are removed, the shell remains. The hairs (coir) are removed and what's left is sanded until a smooth surface appears. From this surface, our buttons are made by hand in Europe.

The Flaxible™ Jacket

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