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Our Impact

"At Positive Fibers we strive every day to make fashion (the act of making) a catalyst for positive change. We do this by focusing on positive environmental and societal impact."

Marije de Roos

Fashion as a catalyst for Positive Impact

Societal impact


Maria Cristina Foundation

Founded by Maria Conceição to alleviate children in Bangladesh's slums from poverty. Maria is furthermore a 9x Guinness World Record holder - such as being the first Portuguese woman to have climbed Mt. Everest - Maria moves mountains to save 600 children from poverty.

And with great success. The children get educated and use their drive to do good for their home country. With the auction of the world's first Bio-circular™ Blazers (man's + woman's), we support the Maria Cristina Foundation to help Maria help more children.

Environmental impact

Coral Guardian

Founded in 2012 by marine biologist Martin Colognoli to protect coral reefs globally. 

As per their 2021 impact report, Coral Guardian has made the following happen:  

  • > 7,500 corals transplanted in Indonesia

  • > 400 corals restored in the Mediterranean

  • 364 kilos of waste recovered from the Mediterranean seabed

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