Digital Fashion

Fashion does not always need to be physical to be real.

Fashion serves the establishment and nourishing of our identities. As the physical and the digital world converges, our digital identities become more polished. The future of our digital identities will be formed by Digital Fashion.

When early during the COVID-19 pandemic the #lockdownlook existed of sweatpants as the daily outfit, founder Marije felt inspired.

"What if you can take a selfie wearing your pyjamas, but the photo you post has you wearing an avant-garde full look?"

This question is what led the development of The Blue Coral Collection.

Inspired by nothing but coral reefs and sustainable digital denim.

This collection serves as a source of hope in times when our outfit choices get less attention. 

Let us #Dressyourselfie


Design : Stefka de Ruiter for The Blue Coral Collection

Visual art : Tom Lockyer from The Diigitals


Untitled design (1).png

Digital Catwalk

Not all fashion design concepts need to exist in the physical world.

The Collective

Our invite-only group of fashion artists who use technology to bring their visions into the virtual reality.

The Collective


Born in : Bulguria

Studied in : The United States

Based in : The Netherlands

Open to freelancing : No


The Collective


Born in : Spain

Studied in : Spain

Based in : Spain

Open to freelancing : No


The Collective


Born in : Brazil

Studied in : Brazil & United Kingdom

Based in : Germany

Open to freelancing : No


The Collective


Born in : South Korea

Studied in : Paris, France

Works in : Munich, Germany

Open to freelancing : No


Untitled design (3).png


Born in : Taiwan

Studied in : Taiwan & United States

Based in : Taiwan

Open to freelancing : Yes


The Collective


Born in : Italy

Studied in : Italy

Based in : Italy

Open to freelancing : No


Blue Coral
Blue Coral
Denim x Coral reefs x Digital fashion Waste can be found at fashion shows. We have created