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Made in The Netherlands

"Our products are only the quality they are because of the highly skilled people we work with."

Marije de Roos


Care as much about what goes into your body as what goes onto your body.

Our Bio-circular™ fabric is made entirely from fibers harvested from a Dutch biodynamic farm. This means that from seed to textile no toxic chemicals were used. The soil remains healthy after the harvest, which is what normally does not happen with other fashion fibers. 

farm to fashion
Stefka de Ruiter

Stefka de Ruiter

For the Bio-circular™ Blazer we have collaborated with the incredibly talented emerging fashion designer from NYC: Stefka de Ruiter. Stefka effortlessly combines art with functionality and the blazer speaks for itself.


Is Amsterdam a place of high-end craftsmanship? Yes. We have partnered with a local atelier with a social mission. Thanks to our collaboration we only produce Made-to-Order. 

Here you see Najib finishing the sample as used in our campaign video!

Schermafbeelding 2022-12-08 om 00.36.44.png
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