Positive Fibers Concept

Sustainability doesn't go far enough. Pollution in oceans is still taking place and the world continues to heat up. Fashion which today consumes about 10% of the world's yearly carbon budget needs a change. In late 2018 we found that the only option left for both human and planet alike is a term we coined: bio-circular fashion. With this concept there is hope for us all - it will change everything.

From Nature

Farm To Fashion. Fibers are everywhere and they're the key ingredients in our product recipes. Call us crazy but we see fashion like food - which is why only the best quality fibers made in a regenerative fashion make it into our products! If we can't pronounce the name of the material, like a super complex synthetic fiber, then it doesn't make it onto one of our product labels - so simple!

farm to fashion
Holding Soil

Back To Nature

Okay, this may carry a big "ew" factor but we have grown (pun intended) to the concept of composting. All good things come to an end, but we cannot landfills anything. Therefore, we have found that composting clothes, footwear, and accessories is thé way forward to make landfills obsolete, ánd maybe even support new fibers to grow out of healthy soil. That's the future we envision. Back to the "ew" factor, we have good news: you do not have to worry about composting your clothes, we do that for you.

Original Design

Einstein once said that Creativity is intelligence having fun. Some of our favorite things at Positive Fibers include connecting the dots between Science, Art and Technology while also providing new ideas for innovative ways of thinking. Design is what brings the work together and art gives it life. With fashion being so important in this world - we celebrate designers who pursue innovation by working closely with us on timeless pieces made to last until they return to nature. 

Caroline wearing TFJ
Image by Alexander Andrews

Empowered by Tech

With curated cutting-edge technologies at hand, we've broken through traditional conventions to come up with what some might call zero-waste designs. Pattern cutting? Next-gen materials? Enjoy the best of both worlds and take care of you while doing so!

Let us take care of all of your fashion needs so you don't have to worry about being fashionable or being wasteful!

Happy Hands

A well-designed product is only as good as how it is made. When you buy from us, you can rest assured that your purchase was lovingly created by tailors who had their passion for crafting and designing artful pieces completely fulfilled. They're paid a living wage too - even if this means less profit - because we care about them and want them to continue to produce beautiful goods.

Image by Salvador Godoy

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