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Compostable Fashion™

COMPOST. But make it Fashion!

Fashion is only circular if it comes from nature and goes back to nature. Period.

We are building our own category of products: compostable fashion where style is timeless and individuality is equally important as our planet's wellbeing. At Positive Fibers we truly believe, with every fiber in our body, that fashion is a true force for good if all products are compostable. This means that when you and the product split ways, it eventually returns to nature as a food, not poison. 

Compostable Fashion™ is inspired by nature and works to give more than we take.

Our Label

Walking the Talk.

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We are currently working tirelessly on launching our first product, the 100% compostable denim jacket for impact makers who want to look good while doing good. Sign up above to be the first to find out when we launch this limited edition eye-catcher. We promise it makes you shine whether you're at home or in the boardroom (or in the boardroom joining from home).

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