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Founder Origin Story


Frustrated with greenwashing in 2018 when seeking sustainable alternatives to nourish her love for fashion, Marije set her mind on finding out the lies and the truth behind sustainable and circular fashion.


Positive Fibers® is born to be the brand to lead by example on a mission to connect your wardrobe with your values.

Our video has been watched +21K times to date thanks to our growing community of Modern Thinkers.

For a World Beyond Waste.

We are on a mission to make landfills obsolete by designing for circularity. We help Modern Thinkers to live their values and look their best doing so. We do this by connecting the dots between Science, Design, Art, Philantropy and Technology.

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Join The Herd

Seahorses, the epitome of elegance, gather in a regal herd. Inspired by their grace, our community exudes high-class flair, embracing refined beauty and cultivating a world of sartorial splendor. Join us and indulge in the allure of Bio-circular® Wardrobes.

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