We believe in circular design as a positive game-changer.

At Positive Fibers, we know that business can be a catalyst for positive change, and this starts with getting the supply chains right. Therefore, we transform bio-circular materials into avant-garde designs, celebrating the symbiotic relationship between people and planet.

farm to fashion


We seek to put the ECO into eCommerce one positive product at a time.

We do this by proving that fashion can come full circle by returning as compost.


Aesthetics that meet Ethics as a catalyst for collective prosperity.

Photo by Aiony Haust


Positive Fibers is the brainchild of the Circular Fashion Detective, or, Marije de Roos.

If the global temperatures rise above 1.5ºC then this city will suffer from floods.

As a renegade economist convinced by the Doughnut framework, she leads Positive Fibers to help meet the needs of many within the means of the planet.