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Marije de Roos

Former fast fashion consumer turned founder

"One documentary and a book about circular economics was enough to decide to take action. Frustrated about not knowing where to find beautiful designs that do not have a negative impact on planet and society, I decided to walk the talk myself. Making fashion circular is extremely difficult because linear economics does not pave the way forward. However, it's not impossible! Building the future of fashion is done by connecting the dots that hold the solution already. I find these answers at the intersection of Design and Science, with a pinch of Entrepreneurship. It is my mission to empower former "fashion culprits" like myself to be critical and conscious consumers without having to compromise our senses of style."

“Once you understand the destruction taking place, unless you do something to change it, even if you never intended to cause such destruction, you become involved in a strategy of tragedy. You can continue to be engaged in that strategy of tragedy, or you can design and implement a strategy of change."

 Michael Braungart & William McDonough

The Cleanest Way to Great Design.

Image by Sumner Mahaffey


We put the ECO into ecommerce.

Let's face it, fashion consumption is here to stay. But what if everything you buy leaves a positive impact on the environment and society? At Positive Fibers we are on a mission to put the ECO into ecommerce by bridging the gap between Design, Science, and Technology for happy consumers and clean oceans. All that's left to do is to buy with positive impact.

The Cleanest Way to Great Design.

Our Promise

To walk the talk in Circular Fashion. Always.

At Positive Fibers we are madly in love with design, but also experienced first hand how frustrating it is to not be able to wear your values. Finally we have cracked the code and through this we offer fellow design lovers beautiful products that are made with love for craftsmanship, long-lasting organic materials, and comfortable lifestyles. In every product we design we treat the following values with equal importance. Our first physical product launches mid 2021.

Currently we have opened our world's first Digital Fashion Pop-Up Shop. Click the button for a look.

What we Value the most


Everyday we borrow resources from nature so our products are designed to give more than they take as all our physical products are bio-neutral or even compostable.


Those who make and who use our products must in fair conditions and take pride in what they craft as well as in what they use. People are stewards of a fashion system in which everyone can thrive.


We embrace circularity, not just sustainability, because of its power to build an ecosystem in which planet and people thrive. The formula here is that 1+1=3


We are going through a disruptive change, but only through positivity there can be prosperity in which people and planet thrive. We empower each other with beautiful designs and knowledge from Science. Optimists, welcome!

Positive Fibers

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