The Future is Positive.

If the fibers of our products are safe to our society and environment.


The Brand that Leads by Example

Circularity is not a trend, it's a lifestyle. The products we make are made to last, until we compost them. (Yes, compost).  You'll find pieces that will stand the test of time and you won't have to worry about them going out of style. We're pioneering the future of fashion through an ecosystem in which materials circulate without losing value so our customers can be confident they are buying something they will love for years to come! Oh, and one more thing: our designs return to nature as food for a new cycle, making landfills obsolete!

One Founder's Journey to Make Fashion Ethical

One fateful day in 2018, while watching a thought-provoking documentary about fashion production and its effects on humanity, Marije de Roos found it all too easy to brush off what was going on in order to buy clothes. But no longer! Seeing how each purchase is an impactful choice that can either help or hurt somebody somewhere along the line meant that she couldn't stay silent anymore. And so, Positive Fibers® was born - along with her mission of promoting sustainable fashion choices made responsibly by individuals everywhere. With more environmentally conscious clothing designs in store for consumers, Positive Fibers® are on a mission to give the fashion industry a makeover, one postive product at a time, bringing our society one step closer to a regenerative economy while it still matters.

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Our Values

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To help restore nature

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To take care of each other

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To build a thriving ecosystem

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To spread joy

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