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The Bio-circular™ Blazer

Health is in fashion.

Available from 03.03.2023

Meet the Bio-circular™ Blazer

Schermafbeelding 2022-12-08 om 00.23.32.png


The evidence is clear: our health is at risk because of the materials in our clothes. This must change. 


We are pioneering a proprietary framework called Bio-circular™ Fashion. Everything in this garment circulates from nature, back to nature, without losing value.


The Bio-circular™ Blazer. This is the world's first completely compostable yet durable blazer.

  • designed for longevity

  • Made-To-Measure

  • multi-seasonal

  • blockchain certified for authentication

  • toxic-free

  • plastic-free


Fashion as a Catalyst
for Positive Change

The First 30 

The fabric of the world's first Bio-circular™ Blazers is limited to 30 pieces. The woman's and man's style are shown in the video above.

The weaving of our fabric is finished by early 2023. After that, we will start creating the blazers for our 30 customers. 

Dress Healthier.

While the fashion industry continues to pollute the environment, we at Positive Fibers® do things differently. 


Discover the cleanest designer blazer made to date. Limited availability for men and women ready to wear their values.

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