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Our Story

Finding Aesthetics with Ethics.

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Stefka de Ruiter

Stefka De Ruiter

The incredibly talented emerging fashion designer we worked with on the Bio-circular® blazers is Stefka de Ruiter. 

She studied at the New York Fashion Institute of Technology and has worked for great names such as Oscar de la Renta.

Stefka is an avid reader and museum visitor which makes her bring art and philosophy into every concept she creates. 

Check out the blazer she designed exclusively for Positive Fibers®.

The Bio-circular® Blazers.

The world's first designer piece

to wear your values in.

For men and women.


After conducting four years of independent research, we have begun to develop the solution to the quest for Aesthetics with Ethics. We are thrilled to introduce the world's first Bio-circular™ blazers, available in both men's and women's fits.

Our brand is at the forefront of developing Bio-circular™ fashion, a proprietary framework in which every component of the garment is sourced from nature and returns to nature without losing value.


The world is changing fast, but the race to decarbonize